“We’re all
works of art.”

I make films, I create art, I am intensely interested in positive psychology and the development of human potential. My work is shamanic dance for the digital age.

About me

What I do

In my projects, I like to connect different art forms and communication strategies. The goal of my work is not only an aesthetic object, but above all a transformative experience. An important part of my projects is the phenomenon of spectator participation and overlap with social architecture.

I see video as a universal language that is understandable to all of us. In most of my projects, I combine stylized art situations and documentary techniques. I like to shoot movement in all its forms and fashion with overlaps with fine art. From my films, I create an ever-expanding collection of Sweet Dreams graphic sheets.

I create creative concepts for communication on social networks. Thanks to them, it is possible to reach millions of viewers in a single moment and share our emotions or messages with them. I only enter into projects that bring positive values ​​to our world.

Selected projects:

Animal freedom

My projects