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The #COVERSTAR exhibition worked with a set of synchronized televisions that conveyed the atmosphere of fashion photography of Marie Claire’s annual cover to The Designer Gallery.

For the project, we addressed seven prominent female heroines who represent different positions of female potential.

The exhibition was intended for women and girls and was to positively motivate them not to be afraid to realize their dreams.

“This exhibition is one story told on seven televisions. It is a story of elegance, beauty and femininity. A woman mediates into our world love and for that she belongs on the pedestal. But – and our heroines are a clear proof – a woman is not a statue. A woman is a priestess who transforms energy into motion and actively changes the world itself. I believe that the future belongs to women and I secretly hope that the exhibition inspires some of them to realize their own power and begin to use it. “

Jakub Jahn

Credit list


Marie Claire & The Designer Gallery


Anna Kameníková
Judit Bárdos
Saša Gachulincová
Simona Krainová
Veronika Kašáková
Zuzana Stráská
Radka Leitmeritz


David Markovič & Michal Krumpár

Grafický design

Jaroslav Novotný

Produkce Centrum Chodov

Petra Valentová


Dior Resort 2018


Radka Leitmeritz

Video a koncept výstavy

Jakub Jahn

Loop 1
Loop 2