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The documentary A Living Space is a unique opportunity to experience one summer at The Watermill Cultural Center, which was founded and run by the famous theater director and artist Robert Wilson. During the so-called summer program, more than 100 young artists from all over the world under the direction of Robert Wilson and other important artists from various fields (Jim Jarmusch, CocoRosie, Philip Glass, Daniel Liebeskind and others) come together to work on their own artistic development and create artistic interventions in the premises of the center.

Our film conveys the unique atmosphere that prevails here during the 50 summer days and gives an insight into the creative process of the invited artists and their mentors through interviews.

Credit list

Director of photography

David Markovič

Music and sound

František Říha

Artistic consultants

Kateřina Holá
Jitka Goriaux Pelechová
José Enrique Macián

Sound mix

Vítězslav Jíra

Graphic design

Jaroslav Novotný

Color correction

Tomáš Vlček

Production management WMC

Lovis Dengler

Executive producer

Jozef Pavleye

Written, edited and directed by

Jakub Jahn