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Czech gratitude is a participatory artistic concept the general public can participate in. The aim is to open an exhibition in the Czech Republic, where letters of gratitude will be displayed instead of paintings.

The main reason for the creation of the whole project is the effort to connect Czech society and increase awareness of positive psychology.

The concept also includes other art interventions. A set of graphic sheets is created from fragments of sent letters. These fragments are also transferred to the public space using large-format spray paint templates.

With the help of volunteers, posters are hung all over the Czech Republic and leaflets with letters are reprinted.

The whole process is documented by a series of short documentaries and photographs. Instagram Facebook

Credit list

Koncept a realizace

Jakub Jahn

Vizuální identita

Lukáš Kotyza


Jean-Claude Etegnot


Kristýna Tulachová

Sociální sítě

Jolana Haismanová