Preciosa Lighting / Joy & Life & Light

Client / Preciosa Lighting


Girl-light / Bára Ekrtová


Supervision / Nikola Veselá
Production / Jarda Gazda


Make-up & hair / Lucie Janků
Styling / Olo Krizova (Dress by TIQE by PETRA BALVINOVA)

Photography / Jakub+Jan 


Sound design / František Říha

Choreography / Kristína Tukan

Lights / Vladimír Kožíšek


Director of Photography / David Markovič

Written, directed and edited by Jakub Jahn

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“For the last twenty years neither matter nor space nor time has been what it was from time immemorial. We must expect great innovations to transform the entire technique of the arts, thereby affecting artistic invention itself and perhaps even bringing about an amazing change in our very notion of art.”


Paul Valéry, Pièces sur L’Art, 1931